Sometimes You Need To Try Before You Buy

Fitness To You offers a free, no obligation induction session to all new clients. This is a friendly, informative one-to-one session where you can get to know your personal trainer. We discuss your motivation, your goals, your current lifestyle and more. We will also explain in more detail how our nutrition and exercise programmes work, and will answer any questions or concerns you have about any part of the whole process.

This is an opportunity for you to meet your Personal Trainer in person, to find out more about the health and fitness programme you will be following, and to ask any questions you have about the whole process. During this initial consultation, we will typically discuss:

  • your target weight loss and fitness goals
  • your underlying desires and motivation
  • your current (and historical) health
  • expert nutrition and lifestyle guidelines
  • optimal training methods and exercise equipment
  • any questions or concerns you may have

This session is simply a friendly, one-to-one chat with a health and fitness specialist in a relaxed environment, giving you the perfect chance to find out more about working with us, and answers any questions you may have.

These sessions typically last around one hour in total, and take place at your home or in another convenient location. Sessions can be arranged for evenings or weekends.

Once we have discussed your goals and motivation, as well as your current health and lifestyle status, we will be able to put together a personalised nutrition and exercise plan – designed to help you to achieve your goals as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible.

Finally, working with a Personal Trainer requires a high degree of trust in their knowledge and skills, and it is important that you can strike up a good rapport. So one of the main benefits of this introductory session is that it provides an opportunity to meet your Personal Trainer in person, to make sure that you get on well with them, and that you feel confident trusting them with your health and wellbeing.

To book your FREE Induction Session please contact Iain on 07899 923 378 or email

What our Customers Say

I found Iain to be friendly and extremely knowledgeable

No two sessions are the same and this ensures you don’t get bored

Iain can help provide guidance on your diet

In 6 months, I had lost 4 inches from my waist

I didn’t think I was trainable but after a few weeks I started to feel more confident

Iain is enthusiastic, has a great sense of humour and is down to earth

Iain made the whole process easy and engaging

Iain always keeps you motivated when working out with and goes the extra mile to help