Train with a Friend or at a Time That Suits You

We have created 3 great packages which are specifically aimed at couples, people who are retired and people with busy working lives. These packages offer excellent value for money and provide our clients with the opportunity to either train with a partner or choose a time that suits their lifestyle.

Couples Package

Train with a friend or partner at the same time


£50 per session

per couple, saving £20

  • Saves you money
  • You can keep each other motivated
  • Can make training more fun
  • Tackling fitness together, you can keep each other on track

Retiree Package

Aged 60 or over, between times of 11am – 4pm


£700 for 3 Months

2 sessions per week, per person

  • Slow down the ageing process
  • Keep you independent as long as possible
  • Improve posture
  • More energy
  • Healthy body and mind

Busy Career Package

45 minute sessions


£720 for 3 months

2 sessions per week, per person

  • For those that are busy but know the importance of health to succeed
  • Saves you time
  • Energises you
  • Improves focus and drive
  • Supercharges confidence and self-belief
  • Help take your business/career to the next level

What our Customers Say

I found Iain to be friendly and extremely knowledgeable

No two sessions are the same and this ensures you don’t get bored

Iain can help provide guidance on your diet

In 6 months, I had lost 4 inches from my waist

I didn’t think I was trainable but after a few weeks I started to feel more confident

Iain is enthusiastic, has a great sense of humour and is down to earth

Iain made the whole process easy and engaging

Iain always keeps you motivated when working out with and goes the extra mile to help